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Youcan is subordinate to C&Y Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., which owns our own R&D team.C&Y is the leading company for mobile electronic products and the peripherals,including multi-functional Power Banks, Automatic Cord Winders, Cellphone/Tablets Stands, Car Phone Holders, etc. We are working for better and more humanistic products anytime and anywhere. Thus, our continuous new ideas and self-surpassing will certaily contribute to a bigger progress and breakthrough in the near future.
SA-PRO Tablet Holder:Being made from aluminum alloy,it’s a universal tablets holder,which can hold any tablets SAL Notebook Stand:This notebook stand is light and portable,which can be folded into your brief case and take it out whenever you need.It can hold tablets up to15‘SP6 Micro-suction cellphone stand:with the new technology--nano suction and dashboard plate,SP6 can not only be used on your desks, but also be used as a dashboard mount,which looks simple but fashion
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